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Counter code

You can use the options in this tab to customize and acquire the counter code for your site. It's important to remember that the code should be reinstalled on the site after making any changes to the counter code.

Note. Several counters can be installed simultaneously on a site's pages. Recommendations are laid out in the Installing several counters section.

You can also customize the following features:

  • WebVisor — records and analyzes user actions on your website.
  • Click map — collects click statistics for all the page elements.
  • External links, file downloads and Share button report — collects statistics for reports on links to external resources and file downloads.
  • Accurate bounce rate — when this option is enabled, any visits to your site lasting less than 15 seconds are registered as bounces, while when it is disabled, a visit with one page view will be counted as a bounce.

    Note. A visit with one page view is not a bounce if the page is indicated when setting goals in the Yandex.Metrica interface or when using the reachGoal method.

  • Block page indexing — webpages containing a Metrica counter will not automatically be indexed.
  • Informer — allows you to select the counter display mode: invisible or with an informer (a button where your site's traffic statistics are displayed). To change the informer's appearance and settings, click the link Customize informer.
  • Asynchronous code — does not slow down page loading times.
  • Hash tracking in the browser address window — this option is applied for AJAX sites and allows the number of views on pages that are updated without being refreshed to be calculated correctly.
  • Visit parameters — storage for transmitting data to Metrica for the Visit parameters and Online store parameters reports.
  • If you change any counter settings, don’t forget to replace the old code on all the pages of your site. After making changes, copy the updated code template on the edit counter page and place it on the corresponding site pages.
  • We strongly recommend installing the counter on every page of your website to ensure the accuracy of your traffic statistics. The code must be placed in the <body> element.
  • If you only install the informer code (<!-- Yandex.Metrica informer -->) on a site without a counter code, statistics will not be collected for the site.