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What is Yandex.Mail

Yandex.Mail is a free email service that is also one of the most popular mail services in Russia. Yandex.Mail offers free unlimited email storage with an easy-to-use interface, and is well-protected against spam by Yandex proprietary technologies. Yandex.Mail processes over 12 million email messages daily, not including spam.

Reliable and easy-to-use email service

Unlimited storage

Receive as many emails with attachments as you want - your inbox will expand to accommodate them!

Easy portability

Combine all emails and address books from other mailboxes in Yandex.Mail. You no longer have to check each email account separately.

Protection from spam and viruses

Protect your email from spam and viruses! All incoming email is checked with Dr.Web antivirus software, which blocks spam and virus-infected emails.

Protection from unauthorized access

No one but you can access your account. Yandex will never ask you for your password, nor will it demand payment for something you did not order or ask you to enter your username and password for some other service.

More than just email


Send greetings to your friends and relatives by attaching colorful images to your messages. Your mail service offers e-cards to suit any occasion!

Colorful themes

Yandex.Mail offers a wide range of themes to choose from. Change your color scheme to suit your mood!

Easily organize your emails

Create your own filters

Set up personal filters so that your mail service will sort your incoming mail into folders automatically, assign them appropriate labels, or instantly mark them as read.

Download all files in one archive

You no longer have to waste time downloading files one by one. If there are several attachments in a message, you can download them in one archive.

Viewing office documents

You can now view files of various formats (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, ai, psd, cdr, rtf and pdf) directly in Yandex.Mail.


Mark your emails with signatures of various colors, making them easier to find in the list. Messages from popular social networking services (odnoklassniki, vkontakte, twitter, friendfeed, and many others) are automatically marked with “their logos” .

Always online

Mobile client

You can use your cell phone to not only receive emails and compose messages from any location, but also exchange instant messages and send someone your location or a meeting location.

For smartphones and communication devices

Use your smartphone or PDA to connect to your inbox and take advantage of the user-friendly interface specially designed for PDAs/mobile devices. It provides a complete set of email features and will even recognize a phone number inside a message so that you can directly call that number.

Yandex Elements

Yandex Elements displays the number of unread messages in Yandex.Mail so you don't need to open your inbox constantly to check for new mail.